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Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar FAQs

Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar Instructor, Timothy P. Runde, MAI, LEED AP answers some FAQs regarding the upcoming Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar Course.


Q: Why should I take this course?

A: Rooftop solar PV is exploding for both the commercial and residential sectors. Our clients expect us to have the competency to meet the market demand.


Q: So is this a course primarily for residential or commercial appraisers?

A: Both. The concepts, principles and techniques are the same, no matter what kind of property you are appraising.


Q: What makes this course particularly important for residential appraisers?

A: The GSEs won’t allow you to gain competency AFTER you take the assignment. You have to be competent BEFORE you accept it. Why not expand your market?


Q: Isn’t it available online?

A: No. It is only available as a classroom course, and there’s only one other offering on the West Coast this year.


Q: Don’t I have to take the other two Green courses before this one?

A: No. This is a stand-alone course. You can take the Intro and Case Studies Courses at a later date.


Q: Will I really be able to value solar PV when I go back to the office the next day?

A: Yes! You’ll leave the course with all the tools you’ll need to appraise solar PV on any of the properties you now appraise.

Don’t miss out on this great course! More information can be found here. Register here.