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Upcoming Residential Symposium

The Northern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is holding its Residential Symposium on August 3rd, in Dublin, CA (SF East Bay). This event is an evolution to the Residential Tapas event held in Monterey, CA.

This is an all day event approved for California CE. Topics include:

· How is Collateral Underwriter actually used by lenders to review appraisals? We’ve all been told why CU was introduced and what it is supposed to do for the GSEs. But there has not been much talk about how the lenders actually integrate it into their appraisal quality & review process. We have a panel of Bank and AMC representatives who will discuss how they get their CU reports or findings, what they do with them, what causes a red flag, and how appraisers can proactively address a potential CU concern. This isn’t “theory”; this is how the CU is affecting appraisal QC/Review at the lender-level.

· A panel of AMC representatives will discuss the regulatory and client-driven issues that are affecting appraisers/AMCs/lenders. Panel selection & retention; what exactly does an AMC do (is it the same for all clients?); reconsideration process; new regulations that affect the work flow (and more).

· Appraiser Liability/Litigation & Legal Work for Appraisers. We have two local attorneys who will be speaking; one works for E&O companies defending appraisers and another who is an appraiser and specializes in litigation work as well as defending appraisers against BREA complaints. We will also talk about the opportunities available for residential appraisers in litigation field (how to break-in and how it differs from lending work).

· What’s it Worth? A panel of local appraisers providing examples of how to value some of the more atypical features/amenities within our local markets.

The Symposium is designed to present meaningful discussion of timely residential issues that residential appraisers deal with in their daily practice. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session so attendees have the opportunity to fully participate in the information exchange.

A link to the event & registration can be found here (Scroll down to the August 3rd event)

We hope to see you there!

Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar FAQs

Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar Instructor, Timothy P. Runde, MAI, LEED AP answers some FAQs regarding the upcoming Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar Course.


Q: Why should I take this course?

A: Rooftop solar PV is exploding for both the commercial and residential sectors. Our clients expect us to have the competency to meet the market demand.


Q: So is this a course primarily for residential or commercial appraisers?

A: Both. The concepts, principles and techniques are the same, no matter what kind of property you are appraising.


Q: What makes this course particularly important for residential appraisers?

A: The GSEs won’t allow you to gain competency AFTER you take the assignment. You have to be competent BEFORE you accept it. Why not expand your market?


Q: Isn’t it available online?

A: No. It is only available as a classroom course, and there’s only one other offering on the West Coast this year.


Q: Don’t I have to take the other two Green courses before this one?

A: No. This is a stand-alone course. You can take the Intro and Case Studies Courses at a later date.


Q: Will I really be able to value solar PV when I go back to the office the next day?

A: Yes! You’ll leave the course with all the tools you’ll need to appraise solar PV on any of the properties you now appraise.

Don’t miss out on this great course! More information can be found here. Register here.