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President’s Message February 2013

Welcome to the new Appraisal Institute circa 1/1/2013.  As of this New Year’s Day, we are now a professional society and this message is directed to our Northern California Chapter’s roughly 298 designated members, 144 candidates for either the MAI or SRA designation, and about 206 former associates who have been moved to the Practicing Affiliates.  On many levels, the chapter is in a period of change and adaptation.

I want to communicate that all three categories of being part of the Appraisal Institute are important. The success of the chapter in any year depends to a very great extent on volunteer interests and efforts. In other words, it is made stronger by your interests and efforts.  To many, this is my special “thank you” for serving on the chapter board of directors, one of the branch chapter teams, a committee, a conference, or one of the new candidate advisor roles.

If you are reading this newsletter it likely means that you are the person who strives to do better today than the work completed yesterday and you grasp the importance of the availability of appraiser education.  If you are helping right now, in any form, to keep this collection of appraisers we call a chapter moving forward into a better future…please keep at it.

For everyone else, it doesn’t matter if you have been designated for 40 years, you are a Candidate for Designation, or you have decided to hold a Practicing Affiliate status, if you have an idea for a panel discussion, a workshop, a needed class, or a social event, I am asking you to help make it a reality…your suggestions and modest help can bring it to fruition.

You are requested to reach out to our Executive Director, Lisa Estes, or me, or one of the branch chapter chairs or team members with your ideas and volunteer time.  You will be amazed at what you and the chapter will gain in terms of shared knowledge and new connections.  It can happen if you give your time to help put on a workshop in your area or help make a conference a success.  With credit to Nike: “Just Do It!” and with credit to the US Army: “Nor Cal wants You.”  Read More…

Bradford MacLane, MAI