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Residential Tapas Recap from August 2013

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I have been to a lot of appraisal seminars and classes over the years, as a presenter and as an attendee. The recent Residential Tapas seminar was one of the the best, if not the best, I have ever attended.

That was by far the best seminar venue I have ever been to!!  I thought it was going to be like the old Marine Lab facilities next to the harbor – sorta funky but nice to be near the water and the boats. Also, the first time that  no one needed amplification, presenter or attendee, in that size room. The room size was good – not too small and not too large . I particularly like the table layout which made for more interaction among those at the table, both visual and chatting.

For me, as a presenter, I always like to hear attendees laughing. There was laughter throughout the day. The wide variety of topics, and the ” insider” knowledge of the presenters, were outstanding!!

I lived in Watsonville in the early 70s for 2 years and seldom saw the sun. I have been driving past this marine lab building for as long as it has existed and did not know about it. You can only see it on an aerial map. But, you need to go inside the Seminar Room to see what is fantastic there.

Unfortunately, there is not much networking at one day local seminars – most attendees go home or eat in their cars. The on-site lunch made a big difference. Plus, why would you leave that fantastic venue? The food was good also, another plus.

The Stars Were Aligned!!!

Ann O’Rourke, MAI, SRA, MBA

Appraiser and Publisher Appraisal Today