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Vineyard Valuation Seminar Photos

Vineyard Tour Barrel Room

The Vineyard Valuation seminar was a full day event located at the Jamieson Ranch winery in Southern Napa County. Tony Correia, ARA, MRICS started off the day providing insight into the current market characteristics that influence vineyard prices and the methodology for valuing vineyards. Historic price trends and an overview of current vineyard sales showed where supply and demand have driven prices today. An overview of the approaches to value was also presented including how vineyards can be analyzed in terms of site components.

Rob McMillan, Executive Vice President of the winery division at Silicon Valley Bank presented the local influences that drive the demand for wine. This demand for wine is important to the vineyard valuation process as it can affect crop prices.

Lunch was prepared by the on-site chef and was complimented with wine. Most of the attendees sat outside and enjoyed the panoramic views…no sleeping after lunch and glass of wine though! Right after, we went on a vineyard and winery tour and not only learned the history of the facility but more importantly the specifics of the vineyard planting on site and the complexity that existing vineyard configurations can become if not planted appropriately for geographic location, soil type or buyer demand.

After the tour, Richard “Brock” Brockmeyer, a vineyard developer and consultant, further discussed the additional complexity when searching for a site to develop a vineyard for specific varietals of grapes. Brock has been monitoring weather patterns in specific wine grape growing areas on the West Coast for several decades and has authoritative insight on vineyard development. Brian Shepard, owner of Walsh Vineyard Management, discussed current trends in vineyard planting, management, maintenance, and insight into the new vine disease called Red Blotch.

The final part of the day was dedicated to a roundtable with users of vineyard appraisals. Dana Sexton Vivier with GI Partners is a current seller of vineyards; Erik Roget, ARA with UBS Agrivest is a buyer of farms; and Dorothy Bell, ARA, manages appraisals for Rabobank. Each provided insight about what they look for in a vineyard appraisal and what they expect the appraiser to be providing in a report.

We look forward to seeing you next year at this great seminar!

Daniel Brauning, SRA
Brauning Appraisals