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Education / Events

  • Dates, locations & instructors are subject to change.
  • Interested attendees are encouraged to register early as we reserve the right to cancel any program due to low attendance.
  • For information on the new AQB (Appraiser Qualifications Board) Requirements that went into effect on January 1, 2008 visit
December 2018
Course: Quantitative Analysis
3 - 7
Location: Lafayette Library & Learning Center, Lafayette

Instructor: Gary DeWeese, MAI

This course focuses on the practical application of quantitative tools for analyzing data, drawing appropriate conclusions from data sets, and presenting both the analysis and conclusions in ways that enhance communication with appraisal clients. It reviews and furthers the application of basic statistical measures (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, etc.) and spends a good deal of time on graphical and regression analysis.

Central goals of the course include showing participants how to understand the reliability and validity of data used to draw conclusions, providing the knowledge needed to support the conclusions others may draw from the same or similar datasets. Presentation and activities make extensive use of real-world appraisal applications and are aimed at furthering an appraiser’s ability to provide credible analysis of real property-related issues.

Please review the FAQs for important information regarding registration; mandatory diagnostic test; online session; and course equivalencies. Click here.

Appraisal Institute Designated Members and Candidates - $800
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $1,100

Young Appraisal Professionals - "Simply Social"
Location: Danville Brewing Co., Danville

Are you an appraisal trainee, a recently designated member or consider yourself a young appraisal professional looking for a networking event geared specifically for you?  Well, you just found it!

Meet up with us at Danville Brewing Co. 200 Railroad Avenue in Danville for no-host beverages and appetizers starting at 5:00pm!  We will hang out until whenever . . .

All are welcome to this new, fun, welcoming, casual, no pressure social event!  You get the picture - it's informal.

Questions?  Contact Matt Atwood

Commercial Symposium: Appraising Unique and Special Purpose Properties
Location: Preservation Park, Oakland

Just what are unique and special purpose properties?

Special Purpose Property: A property with a unique physical design, special construction materials, or a layout that particularly adapts its utility to the use for which it was built.
 - The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal

The topic of the Commercial Symposium is appraising Unique or Special Purpose Properties. Or maybe it should be labeled “Why did I take this assignment and what did I get myself into?”

The majority of our work comes from traditional residential and commercial property appraisals; homes, commercial buildings and land. But there is a whole world out there of non-traditional properties that need our valuation services. Think about the movie theater you visit on the weekend or the cellular communication tower you just placed your call through or the ship dock where you catch the ferry. All of these properties and many more need appraisals. Yet many appraisers are reluctant to take on these assignments for lack of knowledge, resources, or an understanding of the scope of work or how to bid the job.

This Commercial Symposium will discuss what Special Purpose Properties are, the benefits and the challenges of appraising these properties. It will also provide valuation techniques and guidelines of how to look at unique and special purpose property appraisals that practicing appraisers face with these assignments. Past experiences from seasoned appraisers will lay out a framework for tackling these challenging and interesting assignments.

Topics include

  • National Perspectives on the Appraisal Industry
  • The Future of Commercial Appraisers:  AVMs and the Attack on Expertise
  • Houses of Worship:  Divine Tips from an Expert
  • Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication – Measuring Obsolescence
  • Residential Development – Trends in Construction, Land Costs, Absorption and Yield
  • Hotel Market Update and Valuation Issues
  • The Story on Self-Storage

Jim Amorin,
CEO, Appraisal Institute
Paul Chandler, MAI, CEO & Founder, Property Sciences
Stan Tish, MAI, Berliner Kidder & Tish
Karen Mann, Mann & Associates Real Property & Expert Witness Valuation
Gene Williams, MAI, Senior Director & Data Center Valuation Practice Group Leader, Cushman & Wakefield
Elaine Sahlins, MAI, Executive Director, Valuation & Advisory Hospitality & Gaming Group Cushman & Wakefield
R. Christian Sonne, CRE, MAI, FRICS, CBRE | Valuation & Advisory Services | Executive Vice President, National Self Storage Valuation Group Leader

AI Designated Members, Candidates for Designation & Affiliates - $300
Standard / Non-AI - $330


Seminar: Stats, Graphs and Data Science - Part I
10 - 11
Location: San Jose

Seminar Developer & Instructor: George Dell, MAI, SRA, ASA, CRE

This hands-on workshop introduces and exploits “big data” tools, computation, and predictive methods for valuation.  It emphasizes applied solution-based learning, using real data, for objective evidence-based results.  Data science results are simpler, more useful, and intuitively sensible.

The intent of this seminar is that students leave with these immediately useful skills:

  1. Apply visual methods to structure assignments and define competitive market segments.
  2. Classify and technically quantify comparable data selection.
  3. Adjust and interpolate, using contrasting and simple regression calculations.
  4. Explain practical differences in calculated, estimated, and biased estimators.
  5. Hear and learn of the complexities, pitfalls, hype, and flim-flam around multiple regression.
  6. See the potential of real data analysis software, such as open-source R and RStudio.

Open-source analytics software is provided, as well as example data sets and templates for use in form and narrative reporting.  The use of these tools is particularly useful for sparse-data appraisal problems through the support of location (spatial), and price indexing (time) adjustments.  Local commercial and/or residential data sets are used in presented examples

This course is prerequisite to intermediate and advanced courses offered by education, leading to auditable valuation practices.

Note: This offering is created and administered by George Dell.  Additional registration information or questions should be directed to or 619/297-6816.