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Education / Events

  • Dates, locations & instructors are subject to change.
  • Interested attendees are encouraged to register early as we reserve the right to cancel any program due to low attendance.
  • For information on the new AQB (Appraiser Qualifications Board) Requirements that went into effect on January 1, 2008 visit www.appraisalfoundation.org.
October 2019
Course: Advanced Income Capitalization
30 - Oct
Location: Lafayette Library and Learning Center, Lafayette

Instructor: Gary DeWeese, MAI

The 35-hour Advanced Income Capitalization course implements a blended learning approach, which includes a pre-class, two-hour online session combined with 30 hours of traditional classroom education and wraps up with a three-hour exam on the fifth morning.

Advanced Income Capitalization builds on topics covered in the General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 1 and General Appraiser Income Approach/Part 2 courses. It introduces additional topics that a seasoned general appraiser can expect to meet in everyday practice. The course features a limited review of material covered in the previous income courses to maximize the time available for advanced topics.

Please review the FAQs for important information regarding registration; mandatory diagnostic test; online session; and course equivalencies. Click here.

Appraisal Institute Designated Members and Candidates - $800
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $1,100

Course: National USPAP 15-Hour
7 - 8
Location: Brandman University, Fairfield

Instructor: Dawn Molitor-Gennrich, SRA, AI-RRS

Using the national USPAP course material copyrighted by The Appraisal Foundation, this two-day course covers basic rules for ethical behavior and competent performance. The course is designed to comply with USPAP requirements for state-certified appraisers and it highlights the role of the appraiser and the implied impartiality often associated with this role. Participants will learn how requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice affect their appraisal businesses.

BEST VALUE RATE:  Register by September 16 - Save up to $165!
Appraisal Institute Designated Members and Candidates - $350
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $450

Register by September 30

Appraisal Institute Designated Members and Candidates - $390
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $490

Register after September 30
Appraisal Institute Designated Members and Candidates - $415
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $515

Silicon Valley Branch Chapter “Direct Caffeination"
Location: Crystal Springs Starbucks, San Mateo

Are you an early riser? Join us the first Monday of every month at 7AM at the Crystal Springs Starbucks.  It's informal, it's casual, it's strictly a buy-your-own coffee, chat and meet other local appraisers kind of deal, targeted at those of us that are up and working early. All are welcome to attend.

Location: Crystal Springs Starbucks, 111 De Anza Blvd., San Mateo, conveniently located at the intersection of SH-92 and I-280.

Questions? Contact Clint Freeman, MAI.

Course: Business Practices and Ethics
Location: Lafayette Library and Learning Center, Lafayette

Instructor: Dawn Molitor-Gennrich, SRA- AI-RRS

Business Practices and Ethics is an important course that provides information about standards and ethics requirements for valuers in general and, more specifically, for valuers who belong to the Appraisal Institute. Through discussion questions and examples, the class compares behavior and actions that illustrate violations of the Code of Professional Ethics, and participants learn how referrals can be made. Participants are also introduced to the Appraisal Institute Guide Notes to the Standards of Professional Practice and use these Guide Notes to resolve everyday appraisal practice problems. At the end of the course, they learn about common errors in appraisal reports and review reports, and they respond to questions about challenges that arise in appraisal practice such as requests for updates and requests to change or add intended users. These are common business practice issues that appraisers encounter in various assignments, including mortgage lending, litigation, and property tax appeal. Other real-life scenarios in the course illustrate less common business practice issues such as an appraiser’s obligation when illegal or criminal behavior is observed.

NOTE: The AQB and BREA have approved this course for 6 hours of CEC.

BEST VALUE RATE: Register by September 18 and Save up to $75
Appraisal Institute Designated Members, Candidates and Affiliates - $235
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $255

Register by October 2
Appraisal Institute Designated Members, Candidates and Affiliates - $265
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $280

Register after October 2
Appraisal Institute Designated Members, Candidates and Affiliates - $285
Standard / Non-Appraisal Institute - $310

Central California Branch Chapter - Chapter Meeting & "Simply Social"
Location: Toledo's at Mission Village, Fresno
Seminar: Stats, Graphs and Data Science - Part I
23 - 24
Location: Brandman University, Fairfield

Seminar Developer & Instructor: George Dell, MAI, SRA, ASA, CRE

This hands-on workshop introduces and exploits “big data” tools, computation, and predictive methods for valuation.  It emphasizes applied solution-based learning, using real data, for objective evidence-based results.  Data science results are simpler, more useful, and intuitively sensible.

The intent of this seminar is that students leave with these immediately useful skills:

  1. Apply visual methods to structure assignments and define competitive market segments.
  2. Classify and technically quantify comparable data selection.
  3. Adjust and interpolate, using contrasting and simple regression calculations.
  4. Explain practical differences in calculated, estimated, and biased estimators.
  5. Hear and learn of the complexities, pitfalls, hype, and flim-flam around multiple regression.
  6. See the potential of real data analysis software, such as open-source R and RStudio.

Open-source analytics software is provided, as well as example data sets and templates for use in form and narrative reporting.  The use of these tools is particularly useful for sparse-data appraisal problems through the support of location (spatial), and price indexing (time) adjustments.  Local commercial and/or residential data sets are used in presented examples

This course is prerequisite to intermediate and advanced courses offered by Valuemetrics.info education, leading to auditable valuation practices.

Note: This offering is created and administered by George Dell.  Additional registration information or questions should be directed to valuemetrics.info or 619/297-6816.

This Educational Program (Program) was developed by an outside party. The Appraisal Institute Chapter made arrangements for the Third-Party to offer the Program with the intent of addressing topic(s) based on a certain chapter or local need for such topic, solely for educational and informational purposes. The Appraisal Institute national organization was not involved in developing or organizing the Program and does not endorse the Program or its content.

The content of this Program, including but not limited to any written materials and presenter comments, does not represent the viewpoint of the Appraisal Institute (defined as including but not limited to, the national organization, its Regions, Chapters, members, candidates, affiliates and staff) unless formally adopted by the national Board of Directors. Further, the Appraisal Institute has not peer-reviewed or approved the content of the Program and does not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the content of the Program. The Appraisal Institute does not publish examination review materials. The content of the Program is subject to court decisions and local, state and federal laws and regulations and any such revisions of such laws and regulations.

This Program is presented with the understanding that the Appraisal Institute is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice or services. Nothing in the Program is to be construed as the offering of such advice or services. If expert advice or services are required, attendees and readers are responsible for obtaining such advice or services from appropriate professionals.

Golden Gate Branch Chapter Workshop and Networking Social
Location: Mechanics Institute (Workshop) and DaDa Bar (Social), San Francisco

Watch for details coming soon!  The Golden Gate Branch Chapter will be featuring a CE workshop followed by a networking social. 

If you have suggestions or are interested in assisting with the workshop, contact Tim Landregan, MAI.

NEW! Seminar: Rural Valuation Basics
Location: North Bay / Santa Rosa Area

Rural Valuation Basics provides residential and general appraisers with the fundamentals of analyzing comparable data for use in rural appraisal assignments. This 7-hour seminar will focus on land mix analysis, improvement value extraction and allocation, and how to develop adjustments. While working on a typical rural property case study that both residential and commercial appraisers might be asked to appraise, participants will learn how to properly analyze and use information that is available in rural markets to support a credible opinion of value. Excel spreadsheets will be provided which will assist participants in their analyses.